Start your Recovery

Download Data Recovery Form, Print the Data Recovery Form, Fill up the Data Recovery Form, Enclose Data Recovery Form with the Storage Media to be shipped.

Allow us to provide you the best data recovery service. But before we actually provide our data recovery service and start recovery process we would like to know more about your data corruption issue. Therefore, just download the printable data recovery form and fill all the essentials. Downloading of data recovery form is the basic step to start the data recovery process.

Our Data Recovery Form provides us with the basic information necessary to start with the evaluation and recovery process. The more information you provide the better and faster we are able to start the data recovery process.

Beside you provide the standard contact information (contact name and/or company name, shipping address, phone numbers, e-mail address, etc.), here are other few important information that can further prove more beneficial for us-

  • Make, model & size (capacity) of the storage media that need to be repaired
  • Computer / device & operating system used
  • Detail description related to events that actually caused the loss of data
  • An outline of data recovery efforts you have made (if any)
  • Listing of the most critical files or file types that you want to recover
  • Requested media for the return of recovered data (CD-R, DVD, tape, optical, etc.)

Properly filled Data Recovery Form makes it simple for us to provide the required service. Once you open the form, print it, fill it and enclose the form in the box of your media and send it to our Data Recovery Labs at the mentioned addresses.