Recovery Process

Easy and flexible recovery process, FREE Evaluation, Fastest Turn around time, Specialise in recovery of data from Logical and Physical hard drive crashes.

We at Data Recovery Delhi follow a logical and well planned procedure to repair and recover your lost and deleted data.

We follow the following process to recover your precious data:

Receipt of your corrupt hard drive

No matter, whatever be the reason for the loss of data, we are always ready to serve and provide you the most suitable data recovery service. You just have to contact us through mails, phone calls or could very well visit us personally with your corrupt hard drives. You can contact us through mails, phone calls or could very well visit us personally with your corrupt hard drives.

FREE Evaluation of your drive

The moment we receive the corrupted drive, it gets queued up for the evaluation by our data recovery technician.

Price Quotation

Once we are done with the thorough examination of the drive, we provide a price quote which includes initial diagnosis, total recovery cost along with the estimated completion date of the data recovery service. We make sure you get this price quote within 24 hours of receipt of your hard drive. Kindly note that the price quote of data recovery varies depending upon the extent of damaged data which has to be recovered.


Once we send the price quote, we would require your approval. The moment we receive your approval, we start the data recovery process.

The Data recovery process

We start the data recovery procedure and in this course of action we make sure to check the corrupt drive thoroughly sector by sector. In addition, every possible action is employed to recover and restore every bit of data from your hard drive.

The Verification

After we have recovered your data, it's your turn to verify the restored data. In fact, we ensure that you verify your lost data. Our data recovery task is incomplete unless you verify the recovered data and get satisfied with our service. We never charge for our service if we are unable to recover your lost data.

Returning your data

After you completely analyze the recovered data, we return back your data in the repaired drive or in a new hard drive, writable CD or tape cartridge. However, we keep a copy of your repaired data for one week just to ensure for the successful re-installation of your data. Once you have installed the recovered data, we purge off your data with secured means from our storage vaults.